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Yesterday Madison editor Paula Joye mused on The Punch that Elin Nordegren was like Glinda the Good Witch of The North. I wonder, in an industry with more than its fair share of Wicked Witches, is the analogy just as applicable to Joye herself?

Let's start by examining the character of Glinda, created by author L. Frank Baum, according to Wikipedia, and comparing her traits to Joye's, according to Madison's January issue, as displayed in handy table format!

Joye has always been open and warm in her letters, but does this softening up of content – of being more compassionate towards women, in a crafty Glinda the Good Witch way – reflect a change in the industry Zeitgeist ushered in by the likes of Cindi Lieve's Glamour, or simply Joye's personal life journey (which, she admitted in her December ed's letter, has been tough over the past 12 months)? A glossy is a reflection of its editor – good and bad – after all.

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Melissa Blake said...

Hmmm, very interesting. Thanks!