Mags: Notebook:'s new campaign

With a change of editor at The Australian Women's Weekly, which always brings with it some uncertainty, conditions are ripe for Notebook: magazine to be pushing itself as a stable alternative for media buyers looking to align their brands with a quality title (albeit one with a much smaller readership: Notebook: has 275,000 readers to The Weekly's 2,217,000 as at the March 2009 audit).

As such, a new ad for Notebook: runs in today's Australian newspaper's Media and Marketing section, just below a big picture of Vogue's Kirstie Clements. I mention this because it features a quote by Yours Truly pulled from this post. Am I on the News Limited payroll? I wish! But I'm certainly chuffed. Accusations of perceived bias pending (eek!), it's a nice way to start a new week: thanks, Notebook:!

Additionally, Notebook: is running the below banner ad on its News Limited affiliated websites.

Back with your regular dose of 'Short & Sweet' shortly!

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Kudos to you, Erica! X

Anonymous said...

Notebooks March 09 figure is 275,000 and Women's Weekly is 2,217,000 if you want more recent figures.

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

Thanks for the stats reminder - brain clearly not fully functioning. Updated now.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your name in The Australian's Media section, but scary to read about ACP's strategy to give its editors the flick if magazines aren't selling high enough. Surely, they must realise that in a GFC, people are not going to buy magazines as avidly as they once did. It must surely be a scary time to be working at ACP.

Ryan said...

Notebook is fantastic (and they do have the benefit of seemingly unified editorial staff) but it will have to bulk up and give better covers if they are going to take on the big boys (or girls, more fitting in this case). Let's face it, part of the Women's Weekly sales can be attributed to its large, value for money size and the celeb exclusives they get - in my opinion, anyway.