GWAS Note: Girl in a Bubble

As fellow glossy obsessives can attest, it's annoying when your favourite magazine loses the plot. Like Britney armed with an electric shaver and umbrella, a few misguided editorials, sycophantic celebrity coverage, hackneyed headlines and/or poor cover choices can send readers (or fans) running in the opposite direction, lamenting how things used to be. I've fallen out of love with Nylon for this reason... (or maybe I just grew out of it?)

Anyway, like most bloggers, I exist in a little bloggy bubble. Mostly, it's just me, my MacBook, Perez Hilton and the glossies... and they're not always good company. It's like working in an office full of diet-conscious, size-O, celebrity obsessed, bitchy, man-pleasing, pop cultured, shopaholic, Botox-filled, though occasionally positive and inspiring, designer-label snobs – OMG, I'm working on the set of The Devil Wears Prada! Add to that the often snarky anonymous comments and you've concocted quite the toxic working environment. Don't even get me started on the mental health issues this can cause a girl (as one commentor has noted, twice, things on GWAS ain't as funny as they used to be).

But before I get too 'woe is me' (it's my choice, after all), blogging has its positives, too. Like the often lovely feedback, the comradeship between fellow bloggers and surprise packages in the post.

So, dear reader, to keep the blog from falling into an irrelevant state of 'blah' (a la my formerly beloved Nylon), and focus my energies on the areas you enjoy most, I'm asking for your feedback. For example, recently, I had a complaint about Latte Post and its irritating intros. So, tell me, what would you like to see more of, less of, etc.? Do you enjoy Playlist or Latte Post or Cute & Chic? Want more magazine reviews (and of which mags)? Glossy covers? Book reviews? Media musings? Glossip? Random funny things? Soapbox rants? Spiritual insights? Positive thinkings? What can I do to improve your GWAS experience (short of shutting the hell up, as I'm sure some would have it)?

Thanks for your time and bless your clicks!

Yours truly,
Girl In a Bubble

P.S. I wonder if Eva went to rehab suffering glossy fatigue?


Five Foot Nothing said...

I like the latte posts, they make me drool just by reading it.

I would like to see more media musings and rant posts because it's interesting to see your opinions about the industry itself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica
I love Latte Post, and media musings. As a freelancer i also exist in a bit of a bubble, and aside from the Oz media section, you're all i read to keep abreast of glossy/book/media goss. I love it when you put stuff that has just come out from the US and how it relates to the Oz industry.
The mag reviews are a bit long, to be honest, i reckon a highlights and lowlights would be enough (i generally just scan the mag reviews - we know there's gunna be overpriced stuff in there, you don't need to break it down).
But - all that said, i think it's a fantastic blog and please keep posting! I read Sarah Wilson's piece in the Good Weekend as well as your Walkley piece. Great work.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

More media musings, definitely. I think alot of people wanting to get into the industry read this blog. The friday and monday posts are great, sustainable info for the weekend. I'm loving the adverts and pretty pages down the left hand side.

Perhaps a review once a month or so about local (state-published) glossies. You'd have no idea what an inspiring and constructively criticised review could do for a local glossy. It may also personalise your blog a bit more.

I love cute and chic!! Perhaps some dressier cute and chic, also?

But in all seriousness, your blog is the only blog I return to day after day. Fantastically witty, informative and 'me'. Keep it up :)

Thanks Erica!!

Anonymous said...

Wait. The Latte intros are "annoying"? I must have missed that. I actually quite like them - they inspire all sorts of breakfast/latte daydreaming.

And the newsy snippets are perfectly bite-sized and digestible.

From a decent-latte-deprived birdy in London xx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your cover posts. They are definitely my favourite, but I also love your industry insider posts too. I come to this blog every day.

Siobhan said...

Firstly, I have to say I love your blog. I appreciate your diplomatic words. It must take discipline given you work in the industry, but it adds mountain-loads of credibility tp your commentary.

I look forward to your magazine reviews, particularly local titles like Harpers, Vogue, Madiso and Marie Claire. The others (Cleo, Casmo, Russh, Frankie, Grazia and Nylon) tend to be too same-same, issue on issu. Overseas titles I'm not so fussed about and prefer when you include any interesting snippets of them as a brief post or as part of latte or playlist. I agree with Anon your mag reviews are too long. I often feel bad skimming over the detail as it must take you a long time to chalk up the detail. I usually just read the first few paragraphs and skim the features / superficial bits. I'd love to see the local mag reviews appear as a guarantee for every issue issue and shortly after they come on sale. I have to say, the rating system is complez and I always have to scroll to the side to see what description matches. A simple score out of 5 for each criteria and a total out of 15 would be awesome.

Thoroughly enjoy latte post. It saves me buying the otherwise useless Sunday papers as you pull all the content I would have enjoyed reading. I can take or leave the Bible quotes. Breakdast intros are v cute.

Would love it if the pics from cutez&chic were bigger. /i like to check the detail of the outfits.

And I gorge myself when you post about industry / trade news including circ & readership. Would love to read more about magazine staff, how they got to where they are, what contrbution they make to the magazine and their perceived value in the industry.

Keep up the excellent work.


Anonymous said...

I don't often comment, as I read GWAS through Google Reader, but I love your blog! & I think the Latte introductions are tres cute :)
Personally I enjoy seeing the new mag covers & reading your book reviews ♥

Anonymous said...

P.S I've fallen out of love with Nylon recently too...Paris Hilton on the cover?? Outrage! :P

Anonymous said...

I lvoe the blog and its content and recently found myself diving into the archives. I noticed a great difference to what gwas is now. Not better or worse, just different. I love everyting about the blog at the moment but I what I noticed and realise I miss is your funny little adventures, or what you have been up to. Not stalker-esque, just making it a bit more personal and less serious and professional.
Keep up the great work though!!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the new left hand additions, pretty pages + ads + what you're writing.
love it, keep it!

julialow said...

Hi Erica!

As a girl who has followed your blog religiously since you first started, I agree with Jade; GWAS has changed since then, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I still thoroughly enjoy reading your daily posts and have high regard towards you, a fantastic and witty writer!

That said, I still remember those days when it was a little more personal and light, like when you experimented by wearing that bodysuit to work one day and posted an entry on people's reactions when they saw you in it! Oh and when you were busy gearing up for your wedding. Bless!

Perhaps that was because GWAS started off as as a blog that tilted towards the personal side (as most personal blogs are) and now you've decided to bring GWAS in a different direction? Just an observation, and I'm not sure how accurate that is. However, what I do know is that I'm thrilled to see how successful this blog has become without really losing its roots.

You're doing a brilliant job, Erica! God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

I left a comment on the Alicia Silverstone post last week, talking about the change in vibe lately. Reading it back, it sounded a bit bitchy and abrupt -I hope you don't think I was sniping at you!

I read GWAS every weekday, and you do a fantastic job here -it's great to read an intelligent and lively insider's perspective on the mag world -someone who hasn't become completely jaded or replaced original content with advertorial (hi, Zoe Foster! -now THAT's a snipe!)

I love the lengthy reviews -they're often more entertaining than the actual mags! Definitely include more stories/features/glossip about the local media world -stuff you really can't get online in too many places. For example, I've always wanted to know how close TDWP REALLY is to real life on a women's mag? Don't make us all become ACP workies to find out!

Keep up the good work, and remember that ultimately it's your place, so feel free to kick us all out and turn it into a Paris Hilton fanpage if you want...Just keep posting whatever interests you in the media world.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah -never been a big Nylon fan, but a magazine that features Peaches Geldof AND Lily Allen? That's not right...

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all the posts. I would love to hear more behind the scenes mag gossip too.

Anonymous said...

It's probably changed from personal to business like because before it was a personal blog but now, it has turned into her business and everything is now saturated with sponsor posts. Of course the point of view of the blogger will change when her every post is scrutinised by sponsors and every post is a ploy to attract more readers and hence attract more sponsors. And also, please lay off the spiritual mumbo jumbo too much. Your readers know you're Christian, you don't fail to tell them everytime but are you a fashion/mag blogger or a Christian blogger? You're just a bit too self-righteous for some of your readers I guess.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, especially because of the Australian content. I'm from New Zealand and would think it would be cool if you reviewed Fashion Quarterly, I would be interested to see what you think of it, especially because it is New Zealand's 'Vogue' attempt I guess you'd say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica!
Love the blog and thanks for asking for our is mine:

-Please keep the latte posts, they are a great overview of all the celeb/industry news!

-Agree with the commenters about injecting more of YOU personally into the blog, what you've been up to and just your general musings on the industry...not to be a voyeur but it makes the content more personal and interesting.

-I think the mag reviews could be shortened up, I personally find them way too long and wordy... I usually skip them and just look at the covers.

-Cute + chic is great but the photos are too small for me to really see the outfits.

-Can you post more book reviews? I love finding out about what books I should buy from you.

-Don't stop giving us the Bible quotes either... I love that you're brave enough to mix the spiritual with the silly!

Anonymous said...

first: i love your blog! found it in girlfriend magazine last year sometime, i think, and have been religously checking every day since...
my favourite bits are probably latte post (love), media musings, book reviews (i always love the books you suggest), cover posts, and of course the magazine reviews. i agree, sometimes a bit long, but please don't shrink them too much! my favourite magazines reviews are frankie, russh, vogue (esp australia vogue, i can't afford to buy the other magazines and reading about them makes me sad : ]), um um um, actually i enjoy most of the magazine reviews. shop, teen vogue, marie clare are always good.
i'm not sure if i was much help : ]
thanks for a great blog!!!
xx lulu

Siobhan said...

PS apologies for all the typos in my post, but I was typing one-handed while breast feeding.

Anonymous said...

I love what you do. GWAS and mamamia are the only two Aussie blogs that I read everyday (sometimes multiple times a day if work is dull!).

I love the what I call "themed posts", e.g. Latte post, Playlist, Cute and Chic. I don't usually read the mag reviews in detail unless I am thinking about buying that particular mag and even then I skim them or look at the ratings scale.

I agree with what most people have said so far. I miss the old slightly more personal posts. Reading about your adventures and the like.

I always see a blog as an expression of yourself. Ultimately this is your creative outlet and we are all just peering in!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day, sometimes multiple times a day!!

I tend to skip through the reviews a bit, unless it's of a new magazine, or if I have lots of time spare. I'm a Women's Health addict because of the review I read on this blog when it was launched!!!

Thoroughly enjoy the latte and the playlist posts. They're easy to read, and informative too.

The rants about the industry, body image, women's issues, etc, I always enjoy reading. It's great to see a different perspective.

Keep up with the awesome blogging!!!

*hugs* =)

Anonymous said...


I love your blog.
I like the magazine covers you put up with all the beautiful people pictured on them.
So keep up the good work and keep the magazine covers appearing from all the girly mags.

Anonymous said...

I love what you are doing, I am new to all this. Discovered you through the SMH Good Weekend (its about the only magazine that I read on a constant). Love spiritual and your gift for writing. Recommending to 18 year old daughter, friends and my sister in fashion industry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica, I always look forward to Latte Posts and Playlist. The intros to 'Latte Post' have never bothered me, only made me wish I could be eating what you post in them instead of Weet-Bix. I'd also like to see more book reviews or recommendations, perhaps more books that aren't the 'pretty' kind (though I do love them too!). I agree with some commenters that Cute & Chic images can be a bit bigger. I also enjoy reading your interviews with media personalities, though I know those are probably hard to arrange! Still love GWAS even though I only really started reading this year, keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I love the Latte Posts- don't stop them please! My favoured pieces to read are the Breakfast/Latte posts, playlists and finding out what magazines have come out on that day/when they're expected out. I love seeing the covers, and prefer to read/see the following mags highlighted: Elle UK, Vogue UK, Instyle (all), Nylon (I still have hope), Lucky (shameless shopping), Shop til you Drop, Teen Vogue, RUSSH and Frankie. I do agree, these can sometimes get a bit too long and I end up skimming them- I know you must read way more than what is reported on so perhaps briefer reviews are the way to go? The media musings are fabulous but i'm erm... not so much into the Women's Health mag stuff (and similar) and aren't particuarly fond of the comments like the Alicia Silverstone pic. I am however, loving the quotes from the bible and your honesty in being human!

Jessica Rae said...

GWAS is the ultimate girl-friendly experience and makes me feel like I am able to chat with a gal pal. Just like with any friend, there will be things you like more than others. Not everyone will love the spiritual stuff, but if it's YOU, if it's what you believe in and what you love - then you gotta keep it. You won't go wrong when you stick to what you are passionate about. But I think it's really great that you've made this post, too. But really - keep doing your thing. If you ever feel too alone in cyberspace with Perez, I'm around!

As a fellow blogger I have an insight that may or may not be applicable to you - I've found that the more pressure I feel the less a blog post will seem organic and fun. Playing music and singing seems to help me remember that even if it's a job I love what I do and I don't need to freeze up with my words. (And we're talking only the fun stuff - Ashlee Simpson, 80's tunes, the Dr. Horrible soundtrack!)

Polka Dot Bride said...

As someone else who works in a blogging bubble I'd miss your latte posts! I enjoy the blog- sure I don't read every review in full but I don't buy every of course not all are going to appeal to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica! I agree with those enjoy the personal edge of the blog: while what's great about GWAS is that it's in many ways a beat publication itself, online readers also like to feel as though they "know" the person they're reading (something that, if these comments are any indication, you're doing well!).

Mag reviews are my favourite part of the site, and the main reason I come here. I like it when they provide insight into who the magazine is targeting and how the stories it's covering that month feed into that. Also like the opportunity to start a discussion about some of the topics the mags cover.

Anonymous said...


Your blog is great - I love the mag reviews, latte posts and all the rest. Your recent Soapbox was great - more please!

As a fellow blogger, I find it works incredibly well when you inject some of yourself into your posts - after all, issues and celebs and all that is great, but there has to be something "you" about the blog to attract people to it in the first place. But not too much. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been utterly turned off by a blog because it's all "me, me, me."

I suppose I know more of what I don't want to see on GWAS; not too much celebrity gossip - there are enough blogs gossiping about them. Not a lot of international focus - a snippet is fine.

Keep up the good work and stay happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica, I love your blog and especially latte post, playlist, cute & chic. Latte post is not at all annoying - it gives great morning tea ideas! I love the word for the week and weekend. My favorite thing about your blog is definitely that it is a mix of the spiritual & secular....I would probably agree with some of the other comments in that I tend to scan the mag reviews when they are a bit longer...but I really enjoy reading your interviews with successful women. I would love to hear more about you & your journey. Keep up the fantastic work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

I too love youf latte post titles, I think they are really creative. I read your blog every day I love to read your reviews of the main long lead titles and love it when i agree with you on opinions about stories and features. Sometimes the reviews can get a little long winded though so maybe a collection of detailed and short reviews would be nice.

Being a huge enthusiast of all things magazine and blog related i love to hear your opinions- Went to Online divas on tuesday night this week hoping that you would be speaking but you were not, and blog websites as opposed to specific online businesses was seriously underrepresented! Love to hear what you have to say so look forward to keep reading your blog for a while longer!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, and way above everything else, please no religion. :) Sorry, but it alienates people like me.

Would LOVE if your mag reviews included all the freebies in each mag - cover mounts, sample sachets, tear-out cards, you name it! They're the main (and sometimes sole) reason I'll buy mags these days, so it's frustrating when a mag is bagged and I can't make an informed decision by flicking through an issue.

Agree that I just quickly skim through your mag reviews as they're very long. But I like having a peek at some visuals from each issue.

More insider mag stuff! I love reading comings & goings and esp. circulation numbers. Am currently very intrigued about Grazia in this respect.

Not really interested in book reviews.

Generally you're doing a great job, and I enjoy checking in every few days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

I don't comment but I read your blog everyday. The only blog of this 'genre' (has that word reached its abuse-by date yet??) that I read regularly.

You're funny, thorough, honest, softly satiric (rather than sarcastic or sardonic) and your lovely energy 'shines' through...and I like that you don't resort to 'celeb bashing' to satisfy the Schadenfreude afflicted!

So what if certain bits are "too long". hello? That's what scroll down is for. Some days I scan/skim and other days I read the entire post. It's called choice.

Last I recall, I haven't paid a cent to read this blogazine and thanks to GWAS, I don't ever have to buy magazines again!

Love it all Erica. Thank you.