Mags: Happy birthday, Girlfriend!

My love affair with Girlfriend magazine started when I was 13, culminating in three years of editorial service in my 20s. And while other magazines of the teen/young adult's genre (Sassy, Jane, Chik, ELLEGirl – sob) have met unfortunate fates, languishing in Glossy Heaven for ever more, the GF brand rocks on, edging ever close to Dolly in circulation but still playing the girl-next-door underdog.

So, I'm pleased to be celebrating 20 years of Girlfriend today by flicking through a new issue featuring former Home and Away actress Indiana Evans on the cover and giving props to an editorial team who are deeply passionate about all things pop culture, pink and teen.

I'll be back later with scans from my magazine archives – yes, I still have some of my original Girlfriends from the '90s!

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Bella said...

Happy Birthday GF!!! I could not have survived my teen years without you!! x

Melissa Walker said...

Glad there's a mag with this spirit somewhere in the world that's surviving! Sigh.