Reprieve: Taking leave (a blogging sabbatical)

Reprieve: Taking leave (a blogging sabbatical)

This Thursday Wednesday (yikes!), Mr and Mrs Satchel (aka Mr and Mrs Bartle) are heading to Cambodia, via Thailand, to work with the crew behind Destiny Rescue. I am most excited about this overseas assignment, and the idea of working alongside my husband on his projects, so to gain the full measure of the experience, which I imagine in many respects will be life changing, and to devote time to learning about the girls themselves, I have decided to refrain from blogging for the time that I am overseas (and perhaps a little while after to make sense of all the bits and pieces that will inevitably be swirling around in my brain).

In the meantime, Sophie and Brooke will be dropping by GWAS intermittently to keep things bubbling along (they're truly marvelous company... the kind of girls who you can play with in the autumn leaves or laugh with about your carefree hairy nether regions – aka "the mangroves" – and yet also enter into a deep and thoughtful theological or literary discussion with; and they would loathe it that I am building them up in such a fashion). Oh, and another friend will be dropping in to wrap up the news at the end of the week. Emma might stop by for a bit of banter, too. I will be missing out on all the fun.

So long, farewell, until I return to this space, friends, satchelings, countrymen.

Girl With a Satchel


frangipani princess said...

Have the best time ever. My trip to Cambodia and Vietnam changed me, and I'm sure you will be similarly inspired and moved by what you experience.

I cannot wait to hear about your journey.


Rebecca said...

Travel safe, and I know through DR you will make a Difference!

Ann ODyne said...

let me know what you need that I can send you there and how to send it so it arrives.
good luck

Erica Bartle (nee Holburn) said...

Thank you, ladies. Ann, I should have a better idea of how/where/when we can contribute in ways big and small by the week's end... trying to get a handle on all the needs here now, and the structure for giving in a personal yet practical way. Thank you for the gesture!

iODyne said...

a while ago a dear friend was an aid worker in Timor l'este and I sent her a carton of things for the children she was helping - I now know that the Timor mails are run by the Portugese mafia and they enjoyed my generosity, instead of the limbless orphans it was sent to.
X X aka AODyne