Snapshot/Video: Demi Spehar, fashion blogger/student

Snapshot: Demi Spehar, fashion blogger/student  
By Sophie Baker  
The vivacious Demi Spehar of Carbon Chic operates on the thrifty side of the fashion pond, which deems no item is off-limits for purchasing if the asking price is nice, whether in-store or online. 

The striking 20-year-old Queensland University of Technology Information Technology/Visual Design student has a quirky confidence and linguistic playfulness that is dished out in spades on her bargain-hunting Tumblr, Carbon Chic, where she expounds on seasonal sartorial suggestions (faux fur vests; detachable Peter Pan Collars; Rosie-the-Riveter headbands) and her retail hits and misses.

"I took this as an opportunity to group the two of my Cotton On-related purchases together, while blotting out the few things that I did buy but that I am terrible ashamed of and gives bargainers a bad name," she writes in one recent confessional-come-motivational post.  "Right! With that settled, let’s get into the few cool little dealios I picked up from Cotton On over the last week."

The Brisbane native has a dog called Hugo and has been drawing since she was in Grade Five when she spotted another girl copying anime art. "I was, like, 'I wish I could do stuff like that; look how much attention she's getting!', so I learnt how to draw because I wanted all the attention on me instead... a terrible reason!"

Her double-degree, with a major in Interactive Design, allows her to dabble in both the technology side and the art side of design, dabbling in web design and graphic design. "In my degree I basically make things pretty using visual technologies," she says. This skill allows her to keep her Tumblr looking aesthetically engaging while sounding endlessly entertaining.

She attributes her bargain-hunting skills to her mother, who she says is thrifty in an extreme way (she can make $20 stretch for groceries each week) and pages through the catalogues to find the best deals. "I naturally started to pick it up and develop my own style after my mother stopped dressing me and finding my own bargains."

With a goal of becoming an advertising executive, directing campaigns for big brands, Demi's bargain hunting is no frivolous act. Personal rules and guidelines are in order while constantly on the look out for steals. She has a "no dresses over $25" rule, breaking protocol but once for a $35 Ally dress.

Her favourite places to find a bargain include Aldi, where she scooped up an adorable pair of black leather pumps, and Dotti, where she says you can find some surprisingly good deals if you keep your eyes peeled. She also recommends making a visit to DFO to grab some bargains worthy of a little fist-pump and eBay for those more inclined to shop online.

With her distinctive looks and refreshingly humble bargain hunter's outlook, Demi's Tumblr is a welcome reprieve... but be warned: if you visit, you might not want to leave.

Here's Demi telling her own story (treat!)...

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