Girl Talk: Asher Keddie for Sunday magazine

Girl Talk: Asher Keddie for Sunday magazine

As I free-fall towards my 30th birthday (Saturday – eek!), I find I'm increasingly drawn to stories about women in the same age bracket; especially those without kiddies. This "In My Own Words" column (always well edited and worth a squiz) from Sunday magazine struck a chord with me – actress Asher Keddie (who plays Ita Buttrose in the upcoming ABC biopic Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo and also played Blanche D'Alpuget in the Network Ten telemovie Hawke) is extremely raw and honest, particularly about her character flaws, her self-conscious 20s and others' perceptions of her. How refreshing. Enjoy if you didn't catch it.
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dillpickle said...

My first child was born less than 2 weeks before I turned 32! It might feel like the world stops turning when you turn 30, but it keeps going. Really! I was shocked to discover it myself, but just because you don't get everything done on your To Do Before I Turn Thirty List doesn't mean they wont happen eventually :-) Have a wonderful day on Saturday, and embrace the new decade with enthusiasm. I am trying to remember that age is not to be feared, and that every age has some serious benefits - it's just a matter of working out what they are so they can be enjoyed, and not grieving too much for the fading of benefits that went with earlier years. [And, yes, I struggle to take my own advice more often than I would like to admit!!]

Unknown said...

Ditto. I myself often find myself freaking out that I've missed some crucial piece of the puzzle to have every milestone ticked off. But I think we need to change this style of thinking. Instead of what we haven't done, why not focus on what we have done. And to try to put your faith in God he has your path mapped out :)

Thanks for the writing such an amazing positive blog and Happy Birthday!!!

Scarlett Harris said...

Happy birthday Erica!
Also, please keep us Satchel Girls updated on the air date for said Ita biopic :)

Anonymous said...

Asher probably wouldnt remember me. But she was actually a contestanat on Young talent time and was really a fabulous little singer. I was working at a singing school in Melbourne which trained her and thought she would do more with her singing than anything.She has never mentioned her appearence on YTT, that I know of. She was actually short listed as a team member as well