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Garance Doré is the fashion world's answer to the book publishing scene's Elizabeth Gilbert. Her blog, Une Fille Comme Moi (“A girl like me”) has the same cult status as Eat, Pray Love (for dedicated fashionistas, it's a daily spiritual experience), her work is revered by the likes of Anna Wintour (the glossy world's reigning Oprah) and, like Gilbert, she met her true love while pursuing her art (her partner is The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman... as if you didn't know).

A gifted illustrator, photographer and impeccable dresser, Dore elicits the same girl crush vibes as Gilbert, and almost as much press coverage. Just this week her misconstrued comments about plus-size models were picked up by The Huffington Post, while British ELLE commissioned her to produce a subscriber-only illustrated cover of Demi Moore for its May issue.

Dore also garnered press coverage this week for her collaboration with Australia's Westfield chain of shopping centres, for which she has produced a series of illustrations inspired by eight Australian designers to be shown in an exhibition titled Garance Dore: Winter with Westfield Installation (open for a month from April 28). Writing in The Sydney Morning Herald's Essential Style supplement, Natasha Silva-Jelly relays the blogger's thoughts on Australian style ("easy and relaxed") and working with Westfield ("total artistic freedom"). Grazia's Tamara Davis also covered the story in "Vive la Garance": "The very funny, very French Garance is bringing her camera, her boyfriends... and her unique art here as part of an exciting exhibition for Westfield."

It would seem Dore leads a sort of fairytale existence where fashion, passion and personality co-exist harmoniously, but not without dashes of reality and humour, a quality which also endeared women to Gilbert. A recent diary update of hers reads:

"I just spent a week locked up working in my house. I’m totally washed out and I kinda look like a B.O.B., the blob from Monsters vs. Aliens, but I don’t care, I put on a touch of red lipstick and get myself up to go celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the TV show Habillées Pour… I’m going because I love that show, and because I want to give a kiss to Mademoiselle Agnès, Loïc Prigent, Mélinda Triana, and everyone else who have brought style to my living room for the past 10 years."

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