Mags: GWAS Best Glossy Covers 2009

It's no secret that life in Glossy Land has been far from a picnic in the park this year. Unsurprisingly, many mags chose to play it safe with their cover offerings, or else budgets were so tight they swapped and shared studio shots amongst themselves until we felt like it was Groundhog Day. So, this is a mini celebration of the top 10 covers that stood out, for me, amongst the clutter, tapped perfectly into the glossy Zeitgeist, and in turn thumbed their noses at the GFC.

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Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


LifestyleBohemia said...

The Jennifer Aniston Elle cover is my favorite. She makes dressing down in jeans & a tank look so good, love her so much!

M said...

My favorite, all categories, was definitely Linda Evangelista for the annual W art issue!

Melissa Blake said...

Ooooh, LOVE the Glamour cover!

michelle said...

ooooh, you have all my faves of the year - constance/russh, alexa/harper's and megan fox/nylon!!

Rochelle said...

I totally missed the JA Elle cover but I love it!

No one does casual like Aniston.

Nat Webster said...

I loved Marie Claire Australia's black and white photo/neon text Cameron Diaz cover. Just a really visually striking cover While the photo was lovely, it was nothing especially extraordinary so shows how some clever art direction can make all the difference.

I also loved Who's Sexiest People cover with Megan gale, Miranda Kerr and Ruby Rose set against a gorgeous deep green background.