Mags: Oh, yay, Tina Fey!

Clearly sensing my pessimism over the negativity pervading the glossies right now, U.S. Harper's BAZAAR have thrown me a major bone – Tina Fey for the November cover! Just looking at her makes me smile like a kid on Christmas Day.

But, of course, the pleasure is in the dialogue. People who use Botox, she says, "look like their faces are full of candles -- a shiny, shiny face. Festive. A holiday candle."

And Madonna and Gwyneth's near religious devotion to yoga and exercise? "You will still die. I'll do grave yoga. Someone can come and stretch me in my grave... I like to delude myself that I'm in the old-Hollywood mode. I just tailor my clothes well and try to keep my skin clear. While it would be great to work out an hour a day, there is something inherently sort of selfish about it. I can't do it."

I particularly enjoyed this paragraph from Laura Brown's cover feature:

"30 Rock headquarters forms one third of a triumphant New York nexus, with Gossip Girl's and Sex and the City's offices across the hall. In the reception area is a hodgepodge of Tina's press, including red-carpet moments and magazine covers, pinned up like a proud mom's scrapbook. Today she is wearing an ivory shirt and trousers ("I don't know why I'm in head-to-toe ivory") and new Prada Sport sneakers to put the pep in her step. "Shopping!" she says gleefully. "I've been shopping. I am no longer the least stylish woman in the room."

But you're still the funniest gal in the room, Tina. And I think I'd rather aspire be her (or, as Brown says, stand next to her) than the cranky one in uncomfortable statement heels.

Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


jess said...

Definitely someone worth reading about!

Mimi said...

omg! i love tina!!! can't wait to get this issue. great post! :)

LifestyleBohemia said...

I am such a huge Tina Fey fan - she is fabulous and always cracks me up. I will def have to pick up this issue. Thanks for blogging about it - great post!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I ADORE Tina Fey. She is such an awesome role model for women, particularly those of us working in the media. I've never read a copy of Australian Bazaar, let alone bought the US edition, but I'm going to rush out and buy this!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Tina for President. Love that Harper's has the balls to put her on the cover. Smart, funny, independent, lovable. And she works! Goodbye Lindsay, Nicole, Jessica Alba.

Rochelle said...

Oh, YAY!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Tina Fey (she is my ultimate, 'I would turn for her' girl crush) and will definitely pick up this issue, if only as a vote for, dare I say it, 'brainier', more three-dimensional covergirls!

Rachel Hills said...

I think what I like most about the Fey cover is that she's smart, she's open about being smart and she actually does something.

Maybe I'm getting old (or maybe I'm spending too much time consuming mainstream media), but I'm really starting to grow sick of mags telling us that it's cool to be vapid.

Chelsea said...

Oh I love Tina. I often get worried glances from my husband when I say I want to have her babies! ;)

julialow said...

Props to Harper's for putting Tina on the cover! Definitely an issue worth picking up. Thanks for the heads up, Erica!

Karin said...

Hooray for Tina Fey. Clever and hilariously funny. She looks gorgeous.

Inside Out said...

Awesome! More smart, witty, well-adjusted women on magazine covers, please.
Thanks for covering this Erica!
Lee Tran