Mags: Anna Wintour for 60 Minutes

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Yours truly,
Girl With a Satchel


Tammi said...

Wow! I really have a whole new respect for Anna. She handled that interview so well, gave enough information without seeming unprofessional (given she doesn't do interviews) and was not at all portraying the 'cold' persona. Well done!

Bree said...

Thanks for posting. Will read Vogue in a very different light in future. Annas passion is inspiring.

the assistant said...

I feel inspired and petrified all at once. I wonder the motive behind this 60 Minutes interview and her recent 'conversation' with Jonathan Tisch at the 92nd St Y... Why now? Could it perhaps be recession-induced? Personally I am more inclined to fork out the cash for an imported issue of US Vogue having seen (and heard!) the 'real' Anna - gosh, she's good isn't she!

aulelia said...

This woman, as alien as she seems to me, just has it. Whatever it is, she has it in spades.

''We are here to work'' - LMAO @ Anna, so true and hilarious.

And I love John Galliano and he does look tailored!

I still think it would have been nice for her to say how people can get into the industry.