GWAS Meet & Greet (Tasha, Masami & Vincent)

Masami Damon and daughter Tasha, 24, are the type of women you could happily gaze at all day long, such is their beauty and immaculate grooming. But, as is befitting of a site like GWAS, they are also lovely to talk to. 

The adorable Vincent, a shitszu/fox terrier cross and Masami's constant companion, is a recent addition to the family – he was picked up from the Animal Welfare League shelter last October following the passing of Masami's husband, and Tasha's dad, John, in August, though adopting Vincent was not without difficulties.

"You have to have an interview," says Masami. "I thought, 'An interview?!' They ask you questions, and everything went fine until the last question: do you have a fence? I didn't, so they wouldn't let me take him. I was so disappointed. But my friend Marie suggested that I call [my son] Dion and get him to put up a temporary fence and take a picture and send it through to my mobile. He did and then we showed the lady, and she let us take Vincent home."

Masami is originally from Japan, and John from the U.S. Tasha was born in Los Angeles, though Masami and John agreed they didn't want to raise their children there. The family moved to Hawaii ("Too commercialised, too much tourism," says Masami) and also New Zealand: "I felt so isolated in New Zealand; I was so angry with John. I said, 'I'm not going, you go by yourself!' I missed Los Angeles so much. It was very sad, though then we moved somewhere a little more civilised and started making friends."

Five years ago, the Damons migrated to Australia, where Tasha and younger brother Dion have thrived in their respective fields (a gifted pianist, Dion is studying engineering, while Tasha has graduated with a degree in Business and Japanese and a diploma in secondary education). Masami, meanwhile, works as an office administrator.

But it's Vincent who's the centre of attention at home: "I don't like him to be alone," says Masami. We're sure he's only too happy to be a part of the Damon family.

Thank you, Masami and Tasha, for your time.

Image by Sophie.

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